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Heartbreaking Simpsons Moments 1/∞: Bart Gets an F

I never understood why it’s an F if he gets more than half out of 100? Unless it’s more than 100. If you get more than half the answers right how is it an F?

You must not be from America. Here, grading is fucked up.

Average American Grading Scale:
A+- 97-100
A - 94-96
A- - 90-93
B- 80-89
C- 70-79
D- 60-69
F- 59 and under

oh wow that is fucked up

why do they skip E in america

There’s an E in other grading scales?

And in some places in America it goes by a 7 point scale, so it’d be
A - 100-93
B - 92-85
C - 84-78
D - 77-70
F - 69 and below

Now you understand why American kid’s feel like there’s no point to school. If you have a 100 question text, and get 79 of them correct, that’s a C. That mean’s your Average Intelligence on this particular subject. And it get’s even worse when you have only like… a 10 question quiz. If you get two wrong? that’s a B. 80 fucking %. Now tell me again why American school’s are easier? 

No wait but whats the grading system in other countries?

UK Grading Scale

100-70: A

69-60: B

59-50: C

49-40: D

Below 40: F


next time you try to tell americans that we’re stupid

i’m gonna remind you

that our “average” is your “A”

I am so glad I’m graduating cause looking at this post literally upsets/pisses/depresses the fuck out of me.

Woah woah woah wait what? That is not the standard UK grade system. This is the system:
100-90 - A*
89-80 - A
79-70 - B
69-60 - C
59-50 - D
And anything under that is basically a fail. I know it’s marginally easier than in the US, but please also bear in mind that the exam boards can move these grade boundaries if they decide ‘too many’ people did well on a test. So you can sit an exam, feel like you aced it, then get a C and feel like a failure.

(Source: jonbutter)



The Elements According to Relative Abundance

Roughly, the size of an element’s own niche is proportioned to its abundance on Earth’s surface, and in addition, certain chemical similarities. 


This chart was published in 1976 so it’s obviously outdated and some of the proportions are way off. For example, Astatine (At) looks rather large despite the fact that is one of the rarest elements on Earth, with a total existing amount of less than one gram at any given time. Francium (Fr) is also extremely rare - there is at most one ounce in the Earth’s crust at any time - and yet it looks larger than Neodymium (Nd) which, although it belongs to the rare-earth metals, is not rare at all. Its abundance in the Earth’s crust is about 38 mg/kg, which is the second highest among rare-earth elements, following cerium.

But the idea is really cool!

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